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  1. Musically inventive progressive rock band that came out of the Canterbury scene with a gift for melody as well as imaginative improvisation.
  2. 1. a group of travelers journeying together for safety, as through deserts, hostile territory, etc. 2. any group traveling in or as if in a caravan, as pack animals or vehicles. 3. a large covered vehicle conveying passengers, goods, etc.; van. 4.
  3. Caravan, a group of merchants, pilgrims, or travelers journeying together, usually for mutual protection in deserts or other hostile regions.
  4. Caravan has been one of the very rare and hidden bands to help define the psychedelic contribution that the UK had brought to the psychedelic 60's. There is also a great "sing-a-long, and folk" flavor to this album that makes the songs simple to sing along with for /5(70).
  5. caravan meaning: 1. a wheeled vehicle for living or travelling in, especially for holidays, that contains beds and. Learn more.
  6. Feb 03,  · Directed by Erik Charell. With Charles Boyer, Loretta Young, Jean Parker, Phillips Holmes. Member of royal family is forced to marry a vagabond/10().
  7. Unchained Capital has launched its Caravan bitcoin wallet, an open-source solution that might bring multisig security to the masses.
  8. Caravan Tours began selling fully escorted tours in We have been under the same management and ownership ever since. In , Roger Mudd hosted a two hour CBS TV special on Caravan Tours.

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